Accu-Chek Mobile System

Product No: LA018 Product Quantity: 1
Company Details:

Roche Diagnostics Australia Pty Ltd
31 Victoria Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154
Ph: Meters – 1800 251 816
Pumps – 1800 633 457

  • Easy lancing – one-click action with Clixmotion technology
  • East testing – 50 tests on a continuous tape; no single test strips to handle or dispose of
  • Easy visualisation – PC ready reports to easily visualise blood glucose values
Companion Products:
  • Accu-Chek Mobile Test Strip Cassette
  • USB Cable (found in your meter kit)
  • FastClix Lancing Device (comes in your meter kit)
  • FastClix Lancets
  • Carry Cases
  • Control Solutions

Accu-Chek Mobile Test Strips Accu-Chek Mobile with USBAccu-Chek FastClix with DrumAccu-Chek Mobile Control SolutionAccu-Chek Mobile Carry Case AAccu-Chek Mobile Carry Case B

Error Codes:

The error message (not just an error code) is displayed on the screen.

  • E-1 – cassette expired, empty, defective or not valid – insert new valid cassette
  • E-2 – there is no cassette in the meter – insert a new cassette
  • E-3 – meter error or blood glucose level may be very low – retest.  (If the customer feels unwell or believes they may be very low then they should seek immediate medical assistance.)  If this message still occurs and the customer does not feel that they are experiencing a low, they should contact the Customer Service Centre.
  • E-4 – the drop applied is too small (retest); or the cassette is dirty (customer should clean as per the user’s manual)
  • E-6 – too bright – retest in shade; or drop applied to early – retest
  • E-7 – meter failure – customer should contact Customer Service Centre
  • E-8 – temperature too low or too high – retest in a warmer/cooler location.  (Temperature should be between 10-40 degrees Celcius)
  • E9 – battery drained – replace batteries

Click HERE for more information on the Accu-Chek Mobile System

Click HERE  for a Video Guide on using the Accu-Chek Mobile System.  (Select “Strip-free Accu-Chek Mobile System in the blue box and then click on the green button “Proper Testing Technique” half way down the page)

Accu-Chek Mobile Quick Start Guide