Becton Dickinson

BD Autoshield Duo™ Safety Pen Needle (5mm)

Product No: BD001 Product Quantity: 100
Company Details:

Becton Dickinson
4 Research Park Drive
North Ryde NSW 2113
Ph: 1800 656 100

  • 30G (0.33mm) x 5mm
  • 100 per shelf pack
  • The first safety pen needle designed to fit all insulin pens with automatic dual-ended protection to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries
  • More comfortable and less risk of intramuscular insulin delivery compared to longer needles
  • Provides equivalent glycemic control to longer needles
  • Shorter pen needles are recommended by the Australian Diabetes Educator Association (ADEA)
BD Autoshield Duo Features
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Helpful Information (click on the links below):

BD Autoshield Duo Instructions for Use 5mm

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BD Autoshield Duo Info Sheet

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