Becton Dickinson

BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle

Product No: 101 Product Quantity: 100
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Becton Dickinson
4 Research Park Drive
North Ryde NSW 2113
Ph: 1800 656 100

  • 100 per shelf pack
  • EasyFlow™ technology
  • Extra thin wall cannula improves the flow rate of insulin by up to 149% compared to standard thin wall pen needles.  This reduces the time to administer the dose (faster injections) and increases the confidence that the full dose has been administered.
  • 62% less thumb force required to administer injections compared to standard thin wall pen needles; easier for patients with dexterity issues to manage their medication
  • Patented 5-bevel needle tip is clinically demonstrated to make injections more comfortable with up to 23% less  penetration force, compared to standard 3-bevel pen needles
  • 4mm needle length ensures insulin is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer over 99.5% of the time, at all injection sites for consistent absorption when used with the appropriate injection technique
  • Suitable for virtually all people with diabetes including children and obese patients
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