BG*Star Test Strips

Product No: 145 Product Quantity: 100
Company Details:

Building D 12/24 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Ph: 1800 247 827 (1800 BGSTAR)

  • BG*Star Test Strips work with both the BG*Star Blood Glucose Meter and the iBG*Star Blood Glucose Meter
  • BG*Star Test Strips use Dynamic Electrochemistry for assured accuracy
  • No strip coding required
  • Small blood sample size (0.5
Companion Products:
  • BG*Star Blood Glucose Monitor
  • iBG*Star Blood Glucose Monitor
  • BG*Star Control Solution
  • BG*Star Lancing Device (included in the BG*Star Starter Kit only)
  • Sanofi recommends the use of Becton Dickinson BD Microfine+ Lancets (0.20mm/33G after initial lancets (that come with Starter Kits) are used up

Sanofi BGStar Meter
Sanofi iBGStar Meter_Reflect BD MicroFine Lancets