BG*Star Blood Glucose Monitor

Product No: BG002 Product Quantity: 1
Company Details:

Sanofi Australia & New Zealand
Building D 12/24 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Ph: 1800 247 827

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • No strip coding required
  • Easy mealtime tagging
  • Uses Dynamic Electrochemistry for assured accuracy
  • Small blood sample size (0.5uL)
  • Fast results display (av. 6sec)
  • Stores up to 1,865 test results
Companion Products:
  • BG*Star Test Strips
  • BG*Star Control Solution
  • BG*Star Lancing Device (included in the BG*Star Starter Kit only)
  • Sanofi recommends the use of Becton Dickinson BD Micro-Fine + Lancets (02.0mm/33G) after initial lancets (that come with Starter Kits) are used up

Sanofi BGStar Test StripsBD MicroFine Lancets

Error Codes:
  • E-1 – the strip may be wet or damaged, removed too early or that you applied more blood after testing began
  • E-2 – the test strip may be only partially filled or that the sample may not be blood or control solution
  • E-3 – the test strip may be in poor condition.  (It may have been improperly stored (eg. hot, humid conditions), the strip may be expired, mishandled by vigorous bending or shaking, parts of the test strip may have become covered in grease, oil or lotion or the strip port connector may be dirty.)
  • E-4 – unusual test strip problems have occurred that may be related to extreme conditions – retest where it is closer to a room temperature of 21-24 Degrees Celcius
  • E-5 – the meter was unable to produce a reliable result.  (May be caused by a non-blood sample or a combination of high glucose and other medial conditions)
  • E-6 – the test strip has taken too long to generate a signal.  (Could be due to a combination of cold operating temperatures or high haematocrit levels.)  Retest in a warmer location.
  • E-7 – meter problems have occurred that are beyond your control – contact Customer Care for assistance.
  • Temp Icon – test was performed outside the system operating temperature range of 10-40 Degrees Celcius
  • Battery Icon – Battery #2 has died during test.  Replace immediately before retesting.


Click HERE for the BG*Star Owner’s Manual

Click HERE for a video on how to use the BG*Star Meter