CareSens N Blood Glucose Meter

Product No: GM031 Product Quantity: 1
Company Details:

Pharmaco (Australia) Ltd
Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072
Ph: 1800 114 610

  • Large screen to make it easy to read results
  • Cleverly curved body design for easy hold
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use and no coding test strips required
  • Requires a very small sample size (0.5uL of blood)
  • Fast 5 second result time
  • Easy set alarms – including two hour post meal alarm
  • Simple post meal result indicator
  • Can be used with the SmartLog Data Management Software (USB cable not included with the meter, but can be provided free upon request)
  • Includes 10 test strips, 50 lancets and Carelance Lancing Device
Common Error Codes:
  • Er1 – used test strip was inserted.  (Customer should repeat the test with a new test strip.)
  • Er2 – the blood sample was applied before the Apply blood sample symbol symbol appeared.  (Customer should repeat the test with a new test strip and wait until the Apply blood sample symbol symbol appears before applying the blood sample.)
  • Er3 – the temperature during the test was above or below the operating range.  (Customer should move to an area where the temperature is withing the operating range of 5-50⁰C and repeat the test after the meter and test strips have reached a temperature within this operating range.)
  • Er4 – the blood sample has abnormally high viscosity or insufficient volume.  (Customer should repeat the test after inserting a new test strip.)
  • Er5 – this error message may appear when the wrong blood glucose test strip is used.  (Customer should repeat test after inserting the correct CarSens N test strip.)
  • Er6 – there is a problem with the meter.  (Customer should not use the meter and should immediately contact an authorised i-SENS sales representative on 1800 114 610.)
  • Er8 – An electronic error occurred during the test.  (Customer should repeat the test with a new test strip.  If the error message persists, they should contact an authorised i-SENS sales representative on 1800 114 610.)
Companion Products:
  • CareSens N test strips
  • CareLance Lancing Device
  • Gentlet Lancets
  • SmartLog Data Management Software (*See further information below)

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CareLance Lancing Device

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Helpful Information:

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Click HERE for the CareSens website

Click HERE for the Owner’s Guide and helpful videos.


Smartlog_laptop*SmartLog Data Management Software is a free diabetes management software programme that helps patients with diabetes to track and monitor their blood glucose levels through graphs, statistics, and other software tools using data from CareSens blood glucose meters.

The information generated by SmartLog provides useful pictorial views of blood glucose levels showing trends, patterns, and statistics. This information may be helpful for both people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals to assist and improve the overall management of diabetes.

SmartLog is available for download on WindowsTM and MacTM operating systems (please refer to system requirements for details).  To download readings from CareSens meters, a CareSens USB cable is required, which can be provided free of charge by contacting customer support on 1800 114 610.


Click HERE for further information on the SmartLog Data Management Software and for software downloads.