Product No: TP049/50 Product Quantity: 1

DiaSecure® simplifies life and increases flexibility for people with Diabetes.  The DiaSecure® system is simple, safe and durable.  It is constructed of safe, food-graded plastic.

The DiaSecure® System is used for managing insulin pen and pill needs.  It reduces the risk of pen needles being forgotten and helps ensure that the correct amount of pen needles and pills are being carried, allowing for easy tracking of how many insulin doses have been administered during the day.  DiaSecure® also provides a way to safely store used pen needles.  The unit has separate, secure compartments for new and used pen needles (four needles in each compartment), pills and insulin pen – all in one discreet unit.  Available in black or blue.

DiaSecure® also fits perfectly in a Large FRIO wallet.

This product is available for purchase at a greatly reduced price (*compared to the RRP) through the Diabetes NSW Wholesale Shop SHOP