HumaPen Savvio

Product No: IA023-27 Product Quantity: 1
Company Details:

Eli Lilly Australia Pty Ltd
112 Wharf Road
West Ryde NSW 2114
Ph: 1800 454 559

  • Reusable pen for the injection of insulin – does not contain any insulin itself.  (Insulin cartridges obtained separately.)
  • Suitable for 3mL insulin cartidges with Humalog and Himulin brands of insulin
  • Devices features an easy dial and delviery with smooth glide, easy-to-use cartridge holder
  • Available in many colours (red, pink, green, blue, silver or graphite)
Companion Products:
  • Compatible needle (Becton, Dickinson and Company Pen Needles recommended)
  • Alcohol swab
Helpful Information:

HumaPen Savvio Instruction Guide