Vibe 5

Product No: TP046 Product Quantity: 1

Keeps pills and medications organised.  The daily pill timer/reminder has audio & vibrating alarms which are especially useful for the hard of hearing or for those who don’t want to be disturbed by an audio alarm.  TabTime Vibe conveniently fits in a pocket or handbag, for use on the go and at home.


  • Daily Pill Dispenser with up to 5 daily audio & vibrating alarms
  • Alarm choice of Audio & Vibration or Audio/Vibration only
  • 5 tablet compartments that correspond to your alarms
  • Large easy to read LCD screen with backlight for use in low light
  • Easy to set up and use
  • ‘Set it & forget it’ – alarm settings are remembered every day
  • 80mm x 32mm size

This product is available for purchase at a greatly reduced price (*compared to the RRP) through the Diabetes NSW Wholesale Shop SHOP

Tabtime Vibe 5_Timer Tabtime Vibe 5_unit